Noticed: The Half-Tucked Button-Down Shirt


The half-tucked button-down has become something of a standard style trick at our office, but we’ve been noticing it on everyone from arty gallery-goers to our girlfriends at dinner. As of late, what’s moved the needle on this tweak is the fact that shirts seem to have the half-tuck already designed into them.

That’s right, the shirts we’re coveting lately are higher in the front and longer in the back so you could potentially not tuck them at all and still achieve that billowy back drape. And if you do decide to half-tuck, well, there’s no excess fabric bunching at the waist.

Basically, it’s a shirt with a styling trick. Brilliant.

 Ella is wearing a Madewell Flannel Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Aurora Plaid and Pebbled Leather Miniskirt.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.