Noticed: Knotting The Button-Down Shirt


The last time we twisted and tied up a shirt might have been years ago (perhaps while imitating pop stars and singing into hairbrushes), but this grown-up take on the style—tying an oversized button-down’s front ends into a waist-defining knot—has us rethinking the whole thing.


It’s a ten-second fix to the too-big-shirt problem (or the no-belt problem, or the this-is-what-I-wear-every-day problem). The shirt should be oversized enough to hit right at your waistband when knotted, creating definition where a belt would usually be. Just leave the bottom two buttons undone and tie the ends in a double knot. Bonus: It looks good with all shapes of skirts and pants (silk trousers, get ready).

A note: Softer and thinner fabrics are less bulky, which is one reason we haven’t said good-bye to our lighter summer shirts quite yet.

Ella is wearing a Madewell Flannel Boyshirt in Barlow Plaid, Sailor Skirt, Simple Ribbed Beanie and The Mira Heel.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.