Noticed: On Somsack’s Radar

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Design inspiration comes from myriad places: art, books, globetrotting market trips and even food. From a favorite (and, until now, semi-secret) Vietnamese sandwich spot in New York’s East Village to the bold way women have been cuffing straight-leg jeans, here’s what our head of design Somsack has been noticing.


Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Arizona Home

I sometimes can’t believe it was 1937 when Wright built this abstract winter home (that’s the best time to visit). I love what he said about his design process: “Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.”


Matisse’s Cut-outs

After a painful surgery left Matisse unable to walk or stand in front of a canvas, he set aside paintbrushes for a time and picked up a pair of scissors. As a result, he created a whole new art medium. Is the lesson here to never give up? To reinvent? Whatever it is, he’s a good man.


The Pho Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a great New York secret? The P.H.O. Real sandwich from Sunny and Annie’s, a little bodega in Alphabet City, is mine. It has the flavors of its namesake soup—roast beef, basil, cilantro, hoisin sauce—but with avocado and on a deli roll.


Kaweco Pens

This German company has been around for over a century and its pens are just plain elegant. The Classic Sport Fountain, my favorite, closes by twisting into itself. We discovered them on a random stop by McNally Jackson Bookstore, and now they’re on desks all over the office.


Wide-cuffed Jeans

Inseams are getting longer and they’re nice left unhemmed with a big cuff (a great way to show off your heels). I love seeing women experiment with different fits, and our new Alley Straight Jean was designed longer to allow for a perfect cuff.


Benjamin-Constant’s Paintings

This Swiss-born artist traveled all over—Moorish Spain, Morocco, Brazil—for inspiration. When his work comes on display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts this winter, I’ll be there!

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