Noticed: Scarves Draped Over Coats


Fall usually likes to make a gracefully slow entrance, and in addition to leaves turning and fewer iced coffees, we’ve noticed cold-weather accessories popping up in unexpected ways. Consider the scarf draped over the outside of a coat and left loose. It’s not quite neck warming, but still relatively practical—and we’re digging it.


It reminds us of a traditional saddle blanket, but over a tailored car coat, or in a modernist design, the draped scarf is a chic and streamlined way to do urban autumn. It’s there if you need it, but looks good if you don’t—a polite sartorial sigh, as if to say, “Yes, fall is coming. But not without a little playing around first.”

 Anna is wearing a Madewell Rangeplaid ScarfUltimate Leather Jacket, The Slim Boyjean in Akiva Wash, Biltmore® & Madewell Felt Fedora and The Charley Boot.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.