Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Need a joke for tonight? Here’s one: “So, a skeleton walks into a bar and says, ‘Give me a drink and a mop.’” (Get it?) We can’t give out candy, but we can certainly share a few Halloween-themed links.

Travel: Some of the most haunted rooms for rent on Airbnb (and, yes, some of them look legitimately terrifying), via Airbnb.

Life hack: Fill your automatic ice machine with candy. Simple as that, via Mashable.

Farming: These Frankenstein-shaped pumpkins are grown without chemicals, additives or black magic, via the New York Times.

Music: Who said holiday music was strictly the Thanksgiving-to-December variety? Six hours of Halloween tunes, via Spotify.

Throwback: A blog dedicated to Halloweens of yore, from vintage costumes to creepy silent-film GIFs, via Octoberthirtyfirst.

Ghosts: New research claims 21% of women have had a personal experience with a spirit (really). Find out more on why we believe in them, via The Atlantic.

Word: sōrei (n.; Japanese): a ghost who doesn’t want to hurt anyone but instead spends its time rattling chandeliers and moving around chairs.

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Photography by Angi Welsch