Noticed: Sweaters Tucked into Trousers


It’s the cold-weather staple so beloved it has joined the popularity ranks of pumpkin, you know, anything and is a forecast itself: #sweaterweather. But just when we think the sweater has been worn every which way, some chic woman on the street silently suggests we try something else. In a word: tuck.

There’s something about a sweater tucked into a trouser’s waistband that feels more intentional than letting it hang free. It conveys a little higher wisdom, as if to say, “I know you didn’t think this would look good.” (Some women who did know: Charlotte Rampling, Lee Miller, Althea Gibson.) And when done correctly—a tiny waist-nipping tuck right in the front of a wide-leg pant—it’s really quite feminine. In short, it’s more cool than cozy.

Bianca is wearing a Madewell Reverse Herringbone Pullover and Chimala® Houndstooth Drawstring Trousers.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.