Madewell’s 10 Best: Things to Stream and Watch


Pause the shop-wrap-repeat cycle and stream these 10 mood-brightening clips.

In between all the party going and get-togethers, it’s easy to lose sight of one of the best parts of the holidays: doing nothing at all and chilling out. From a Home Alone montage to a parody of the popular podcast Serial, here are the 10 best short clips to stream during those rare free moments.*

  1. Arguably the best Home Alone clip: Harry and Marv, the Wet Bandits, attempt to sneak into the McCallisters’ basement and slip on every. single. stair. Highlight: 0:47-0:59, here.
  2. This parody of podcast Serial—the crazy-addictive true-crime spin-off of This American Life—is almost as good as Serial itself. Highlight: 0:15-2:55, here.
  3. Amy Poehler talks about reading her ex-boyfriend’s diary, and her new memoir, Yes Please. Highlight: 8:35-11:40, here.
  4. Meet the Vogels in the documentary Herb and Dorothy, about a middle-class couple who amassed an unreal—and unrivaled—4,000-piece contemporary art collection in their Manhattan apartment. Highlight: 0:19-1:33, here.
  5. Remember when Michelle Tanner made enough money from her lemonade stand to buy a donkey? Highlight: 2:00-3:03, here.
  6. Only the delightful and legendary puppeteer behind The Muppets, Jim Henson, could create this wacky short film—and get an Oscar nod for it. Highlight: 0:09-0:38, here.
  7. Enjoy the amusingly nonsensical plot twists in The Bloody Olive, a noir-ish short film. Highlight: 3:25-5:25, here.
  8. In this suspenseful sequence, choreographed by modernist Pina Bausch, dancers writhe in the rain and dive onto the stage. Highlight: 0:36-1:11, here.
  9. A small town stages a production of Peter Pan and positively everything goes wrong. Highlight: 4:39-8:50, here.
  10. The most charming and frustrating grocery store scene, courtesy of Nora Ephron in You’ve Got Mail. Highlight: 0:18-1:10, here.

*According to us, anyway.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.