Madewell’s 10 Best: Ways To De-Stress During The Holidays


How we find moments to breathe during the most wonderful (and, of course, hectic) time of year.

You might think that the last thing you need right now is yet another list, but this is the antidote list—one you don’t have to check off (though we suspect you’ll be happier and saner this season if you do). A few friends around the office let us in on their relaxing remedies for stress during the holiday season.

  1. Ellie: “I’ve recently taken up boxing. When I’m in the ring, I’m too focused to worry about my endless to-do list.” [You know what they say: What’s good enough for Jake Gyllenhaal…]
  2. Kaitlin: “During the holidays, all I want in life is my kitten and a fireplace.” [For moments when neither is readily available, this video is.]
  3. Jen: “Hosting a chocolate truffle–making party is the perfect way to unwind, catch up with friends and make homemade gifts too.” [A totally doable truffle recipe found here.]
  4. Betony: “I like to exercise the way I would have as an eight-year-old. Hula hooping makes me feel like I’m playing, not working out.” [Read on for more reasons why you should embrace the hoop.]
  5. Caitlin: “After a long day, I love whipping up soups, like this Thai sweet potato and carrot one. It smells amazing, tastes delicious and chases all my cares away.” [Pure comfort by way of this simple how-to.]
  6. Olivia: “Hot chocolate is such a seasonal treat—there’s something so soothing about a warm drink this time of year.” [We like our cocoa with a bit of cardamom.]
  7. Rajni: “I put on the Otis Redding Essentials album while cooking a meal as my go-to cure-all.” [Have a listen right over here.]
  8. Grace: “Reorganizing my closet and donating all the clothes that aren’t getting worn enough is a win-win kind of stress reliever.” [Psst, give us your old jeans and we’ll turn them into housing insulation. Click here for all the FYIs.]
  9. Alex: “I light a pretty candle and flick on some twinkle lights for an instant mood lift.” [May we suggest this multi-wick beauty?]
  10. Mia: “When I need a ‘forget everything’ moment, I make a bunch of pom-poms during a Netflix session.” [Want a quick and easy video tutorial? You’re welcome.]

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Photography by Angi Welsch.