Denim Plus…with Photographer Frances Tulk-Hart


We always ask our friends, “What do you pair with your denim?” For London-born photographer and writer Frances Tulk-Hart, it’s comfy, well-worn jeans + her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Dotti. The history of that equation, as told by Frances…

I think about what being relaxed means as a mother and how I can achieve that, and I’ve found that the best way is to start with a really strong routine—maybe that’s not surprising. My daughter Dotti is seventeen months now, and she’s always on the go with me. When we’re home, the whole apartment is her playroom. I don’t mind if she’s rummaging through kitchen cupboards or emptying out the fridge. It’s all learning for her. Having a routine gives purpose to each hour of the day.


That also means that I need my own routine, and it helps that I’ve had the same style basically since I was a child: a T-shirt and jeans. Photographers are lucky. We can wear whatever the hell we want as long as we take good photos. If you rely heavily on a certain type of jean, that can be a great time-saver. I’ve come to love straight-up, real proper denim. No stretch, no funny alterations. Rough, tough-wearing jeans and a cozy cotton henley take me from those early mornings with Dot to a shoot in Central Park to the surprise party I’m planning for my husband.

My main accessory is a mega-coat. I’ve got a thing for coziness; I’ve always wanted people to describe my home as warm and cozy. When I was two or three and living in London, I vividly remember playing with a little pink alarm clock, smelling new carpet and feeling heat from a radiator. I’ve never lost my love for that feeling of comfort and coziness.

Since I stick to something of a uniform, I don’t really seek out personal style inspiration, but I am wildly addicted to Instagram these days. Dot makes an appearance on mine every once in a while. I’m always sharing outtakes from the profiles I shoot for my blog, It’s my proudest accomplishment because I get to shoot and write about creative, talented, inspiring people.

In another life, I’d be a race car driver and a muse to Oprah. And frankly, I’m a little over both London and New York, so maybe I’d live someplace where the desert meets the ocean. But here I am in Brooklyn with my little family, and that’s the role I’m happy to dress for.

Frances is wearing a Madewell Morninglight Henley Tee and Rivet & Thread Selvedge Slim Boyjean: Rip and Repair Edition.

Photography by Angi Welsch.