Hello, 2015


We revisit the resolutions we made last year—yes, some of them stuck!—and make a few more.

A few of our friends around the office share what they’ve resolved to do in the new year.

Journal daily. I had been doing it since I was 12 and then fell off the wagon. Alison Bechdel, an author and illustrator, inspired me to pick it up again. Also, moisturize my skin.

Get more beauty (and sanity) sleep and take a pottery class. I want to make food and water bowls for my cats.

Learn to trim my own bangs—a coworker swears the secret is Muji scissors. I’m also going to try to wear a skirt once a week. (OK, once a month.)

Create more space in my life (get up earlier, no electronics after 10pm) and in my closet (adhere to my uniform of, basically, the four pieces I love).

And to test the stat that most resolutions fade by the third week of January, we asked our team whether or not the resolutions they shared here last year stuck.

His 2014 resolution: Call Mom more often.
“More often? Well, let’s just say I’m a true believer of quality over quantity…”

Her 2014 resolutions:
1. Practice being less type A. “I waited until a dinner party was over to do the dishes.”
2. Cook more frequently. “Does baking count?”
3. Wear mascara! “If I did all three, wouldn’t that contradict my first resolution? There’s always next year…”

Her 2014 resolution: Learn how to cook so that I can throw an actual dinner party where my friends don’t have to bring their own food.
“Well…let’s just say that I’ll always provide the wine and have some good chocolate around. Baby steps, right?”

Photography by Angi Welsch.