Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Our resolution: Prolong that bright, shiny new-year vibe as long as possible. Step one? These five must-read links.

Diaries: An app that asks how you’re feeling once a day. Your answers—in Emojis—will create a visual diary, via Emojiary. 

Habits: That 21-days-to-success rule doesn’t always apply, so be patient when trying to form new habits, via Lifehacker.

Exploration: The inventor and technology disruptor Elon Musk wants everyone to move to Mars this year, via Aeon.

Books: A writer and book reviewer shares her literary favorites from 2014. Now we have all year to catch up, via The Millions.

Minimalism: How to streamline every aspect of your house, from your medicine supply to your kitchen cabinet, via Zero Waste Home. 

Word: ániid (adj.; Navajo): newness; freshness.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.