Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


So you’ve sworn off sweets, spirits and other vices? Indulge in some great reads instead.

Evolution: Watch a San Francisco-based artist’s murals of weeds “grow” one centimeter at a time to mimic real botanic life, via Bored Panda.

Desks: A new project showcases the contents of creatives’ desk drawers, via Design Week.

Innovation: Because not everything can be the next Twitter: 17 absurdly niche inventions that…didn’t do much at all, via Wired.

Sleeeeeep: Seven great tips for getting that full eight you’ve been promising yourself for years now, via Visualistan.

Swimfans: 19 photos, drawings and paintings celebrating the official uniform of summer, via Gems.

If Only: A writer imagines what Proust’s LiveJournal entries would have been like, via McSweeney’s.

Word: gallimaufry (n.; French): a confused jumble or hodgepodge of ideas.

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