Noticed: The Wrapped, Unbuttoned Button-Down


There’s something weird and wonderful about flat-out ignoring the useful details of your clothing. And we’ve noticed a few casual souls going rogue in the most effortless way by wrapping a blousy button-down, crisscrossing the ends and tucking it in.

What we like best about this revolutionary switch-up is the power it places in your hands: go high and tight for a traditional yet totally not-typical look, or play it fast, loose and blousy for a slightly more daring twist. Pair either approach with the same stuff—classic cardigans, trousers or jeans and a handsome belt—for a sneaky little styling tweak, coquettish and playing against the rules in a quiet way.

Julia is wearing a Madewell Rivet & Thread Flannel Shirt in Harvey Plaid and High Riser Skinny Skinny Cut-Edge Jeans in Black Sea.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.