Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


The days are getting longer (really!), but until it’s light out at dinner, we recommend cozying up with a few links we loved this week.

Nostalgia: A writer asks, “What exactly is kitsch and why do we love it so much?” Via The BBC.

Freezing: Never turning your car off and other quirks of living in a city with an average January temperature of -53°F, via Apartment Therapy.

Brunch: Make this French toast. Or just look at the pictures. Either way, you win, via Bon Appétit.

Tattoos: From an abstract Albers to a hyperreal Duchamp, 40 tattoos of famous works of art, via Vulture. 

Word: resfeber (n.; Swedish) travel fever; the excitement you feel right before an adventure.

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