Noticed: Head-To-Toe Winter Whites


All black everything is a tried and true winter dressing solution. But we’ve noticed a new uniform on the streets, and for all its obvious impracticality, we like it.

Unearthing a pair of white pants in winter may seem totally counterintuitive but these rich, creamy hues pair nicely—from a purely aesthetic level—with the sights of the season (snow! Evening lights!). Texture and tone are the keys to making this work. Texture keeps things interesting (try adding a woolly hat and a sleek leather sneaker). Mixing milky whites with raw ecrus and creamy ivories makes the tone feel less severe. And because it begs to be said: Don’t get too precious with it. A crisp white palette isn’t realistic (after all, we are talking about winter whites).

 Dani is wearing a Madewell Military Epaulet Tee, The Slim Boyjean: Carpenter Edition and Vans® High-Top Sneakers.

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