Noticed: Wearing a Knit Beanie Under a Wide-Brim Hat


Unless you’re south of the Mason-Dixon line, chances are it’s Windy, Cold and Wet, capital letters intended. How to look less like an unrecognizable snow bunny and more like, you know, yourself? Here’s a simple (but unexpected) answer: Layer your hats.

Wearing two hats—one knit cap and one felt wide-brimmer—keeps you warm (to state the obvious). But more than that, it will look as though you put some thought into your outfit that went beyond, “Holy moly, it is cold. Thank goodness this jacket has a hood.”

When you heed a few important considerations, two hats together can create a feeling of friendliness and coziness. First, the beanie can’t be too long. It does have to fit underneath another hat, after all. And the brim of the hat on top should tip just a bit forward, for attitude. Quite simply, it’s a new approach to warmth and style that we’re very willing to try. It may not be right, but it is very right now.

Dani is wearing a Madewell Simple Ribbed Beanie and Biltmore® & Madewell Floppy Felt Fedora.

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