The Art (And Science) Behind Our Jeans


When it comes to creating a perfect-fitting pair of jeans, there’s a lot to consider. It was nearly impossible to bottle it into one little blog post (given the real estate, we could probably write a novel). So we turned to our head of design, Somsack, and our lead denim designer, Mary, to help us write up the abridged version. All the really important stuff that makes our denim, well, ours, is right here.


“I own a lot of denim and love denim. Does that make me a denimhead?” Somsack asks us. We are positive that Somsack’s love of jeans goes far beyond the norm—it’s why our LA and NYC denim studios are filled with such talented people, each with a unique set of skills. There are our NYC-based designers, whose inspired sketches are brought to life by our very technically proficient patternmakers in LA (the people who pore over the width of a leg opening and the height of a rise). And there are also the LA artists who develop our washes and finishes, creating those authentic patinas we love. Let us break it down for you…


Like everything else, a perfect jean really is the sum of its parts, meaning you have to start with high-quality materials in order to create a great pair. Mary explains, “Every single season, my team looks through hundreds of fabrics. Understanding the nuances of denim requires decades of experience, so we work with mills that have been the best in the world for a very, very long time.” During this time, our designers are deciding what the new styles will look like (visiting vintage denim archives is, in fact, part of their job) and creating tons of sketches to figure out how to bring their inspiration to life.


Once our fabrics are chosen and our design team’s sketches are complete, perfecting the wash is next. It is, indeed, an art—and we don’t use the word “art” loosely. Think back to those terribly whiskered jeans you may or may not have worn in high school—avoiding that look requires a discerning eye. “You would be surprised by the amount of time it takes to perfect a wash. It really takes so much thought and manpower,” says Mary.


Patterns are perfected by our team in LA. The smallest details, like the back pocket placement, are so incredibly important. It can take several trials to get that part just right. It’s the back pocket placement and the way the jeans fit against your waist that give them that lifting effect. Think about that the next time you turn around to check yourself out in our High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans.

Finally, once all these artists and scientists (who could rightfully all be called denimheads) have come together to craft the perfect pair, we finish each one with a tiny embroidered M.


Why so much fanfare for a pair of jeans? Somsack has an answer. “Denim transcends all generations and cultures, and women all want the pair they’ll pull on day after day after day. I have yet to see an uncool picture of parents in denim flares—mine included.” Spoken like a true denimhead.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.