Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Six links we think are just as entertaining as Super Bowl commercials…

Translation: Check out the strange sound people make to say “yes” in Umeå, a small town in Sweden, via Youtube.

Innovation: We’ll get right to the point: a 3-D printer for chocolate, via PSFK.

Music: Our antidote to “not this song again” playlists: Chances With Wolves’s mixtapes of rare covers, unearthed jazz and funk, via Soundcloud.

LOL: By now you’ve probably read the New York Times’s 36 questions that’ll make anyone fall in love with you. (If not, here). Now, 36 questions to undo it all, via The New Yorker.

Milk: Watch a dancer toss powdered milk and dance in its fog to advertise a Danish dairy company, via Ignant.

Gauntlet: Attempt to go just one day without complaining, via Wonderfully Women. 

Word: voorpret (n.; Dutch): the excitement of anticipating an event; “pre fun.”

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