Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


We’re totally on board…with great things to read, watch and share, that is.

Innovation: How to send everyone you love flowers tomorrow, for free, via Zefrank. 

Anticipation: Looking forward to something? Set a countdown clock and bookmark it, via Typecode.

Music: A heartwarming pop-culture moment on the range: a farmer calls in his cattle by playing a Lorde song on his trombone, via Kottke.

Throwback: A fire escape makeout, two straws in the same Coca-Cola…old-school valentines caught on film, via Vintage Loves.

Music: This cozy synth-pop song is playing in dimly lit cocktail bars all over New York, and you’d never guess it was recorded in Japan in 1983, via YouTube.

Pals: These photos of famous and surprising friends will make you go, “those two knew each other?”, via APHOT. 

Us: A look at our history—and some wise words from the man on the loud speaker (aka our CEO), via the New York Times.

Word: gigil (n.; Tagalog): the irresistible urge to squeeze something because it’s so unbearably cute.

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