#everydaymadewell: Dancer & Filmmaker Celia Rowlson-Hall


As a choreographer and filmmaker, Celia’s job description is more or less “be creative on the fly.” Under her belt: a Bessie award, several short films, the best dance sequence ever on Girls (this one), music videos and so much more. We spent a Monday morning in Manhattan with her, to get a glimpse at her daily rituals and her daily uniform (denim and a dance leotard). Celia’s everyday, in her own words, right over here…


I’ve been wearing the same thing since I was five—a leotard and tights—and I layer clothes over that to fit whatever my day is like. If I’m filming or choreographing, I wear overalls, but when I’m teaching, I wear shorts so students can see the lines and motion. For client meetings, I’ll throw on a blazer. My style icon is Susan Sontag—her look was simple, consistent, the ultimate observer.

I need to move each day to keep my body aware. I think you actually get more energy if you release more energy. In my perfect day, I’m active, curious and busy.


When I’m at the studio, everything shuts off. No phone, nothing. Dancing and being on set require you to be totally mentally present. I was raised watching physical comedians like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, and that shaped my sense of humor and movement.

Dancers have a discipline unlike anyone else; there’s such an attention to detail. That could be why my favorite jeans are the ones that get the details right, with a perfectly faded wash and a really strong, durable denim. I really like anything that I can feel the weight or movement of the fabric in. It’s grounding. You can train in loose sweats and baggy layers, but once you’ve practiced and practiced it feels good to layer on more substantial clothing and feel their movement.


I don’t only dress to dance. I also prefer to walk everywhere, so comfort is very important. My outfit has to work whether I end up rolling around on the ground or just trekking through the streets.



7:30am  Pressing snooze on my alarm.
8:00am  Finally up, coffee + fruit.
10:15am  Dance class at Peridance.
11:00am  Off to my editor’s studio for some film editing time.
3:00pm  Break for grilled cheese and green juice. (They balance each other out, right?)
7:45pm  Home, in sweats, with a cup of tea and a British crime show on.
11:15pm  Ending the day with a shower and a 20-minute meditation.

At top and bottom, Celia is wearing a Sculptor Cardigan, High-Rise Denim Shorts and her own leotard. At center, she wears a Spring-Weight Cardigan, Skinny Skinny Jeans in Pure White, an Indigo Tile Scarf, The McCarren Tote and The Clare Oxford.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.