Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Let’s replace those cards with coffee and cozy up with a few fun links, shall we?

Unplugging: The value of boredom and an app that reveals how many times you check your phone each day (eek!), via 3 Chairs.

Obsolete: A photographic guide to silent film etiquette from 1912, via So Bad So Good.

Obsession: Listen to writer Joyce Carol Oates explain why obsession is better than inspiration, via NYPL.

Dance: New York roller dancers skate to a beloved psychedelic single from William Onyeabor, via Nowness.

Sounds: The eerie sounds needlework patterns make when played by a hand-cranked music box, via the Smithsonian.

Smell: A video explaining the very specific conditions required to produce that just-rained-on-pavement smell, via the New York Times. 

Word: goya (n.; Urdu): permitting the impossible for the sake of a great story.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.