#everydaymadewell: Photographer Magda Wosinska


Magdalena, or Magda for short, lives her life the same way she takes pictures: with a rebellious streak and a taste for the unexpected. She could be editing her new book of self-portraits one night and on a plane to shoot an album cover the next morning. But it’s the familiar elements, like her daily morning drive and signature black jeans, that provide a sense of simplicity. We hopped in the passenger seat of her vintage Chevelle (named Bruce) one Friday morning to learn more. Magda’s everyday, in her own words, right over here…


I’ve always woken up with the sun—no alarm clock. I try to take 10 minutes to just look out the window. Your day shouldn’t start off with a device or an email. Dressing simply is the key to feeling comfortable, whether I’m in my home studio, on a shoot or at a fancy dinner.


In high school, I played in a metal band with a bunch of guys, and it helped me find my sense of style. I started wearing jeans every single day, and now I buy the same kind over and over: super-high-waisted, black and very tight. I don’t wear much color because I never want to make a loud statement, which might be my photographer’s instinct to blend in.


Once I check my email, there’s no turning back, so I like to take a long morning drive to Angeles Crest, where the city becomes desert and mountains. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when your day starts with Led Zeppelin and the windows down.


My photography often feels impulsive, but I also get so much joy out of taking my time—especially when it comes to working on my house. It took years for me to restore it; each new wall we knocked down started a new project we hadn’t anticipated. It took patience, but was so worth it.


When I’m working, I like to go with the flow. I’ve never cared about using fancy equipment or taking polished photos, even when I’m shooting for someone else. I’ll blast Slayer when I need everyone to get their acts together, but then I let things unfold. If you over-manipulate something, you miss what’s really going on. I want to capture candid moments that can’t be recreated, so I always regret when I accidentally leave my camera at home.



6:45am  Up with the sun. Haven’t needed an alarm clock in years.
7:00am  Boiled eggs with some chard from my garden.
8:00am  If I’m not in my studio on the second floor of my house, I’m cruising the coast in my 1969 Chevelle.
11:00am  Deep into editing and phone meetings while Captain Pickles, my dog, gets to nap.
5:30pm  Time to start thinking about dinner. I may not be the world’s best cook but I like hosting dinner parties.
7:00pm  Golden hour on my balcony. Sunrises are my favorite, but sunsets last longer.
11:00pm  A hot, hot shower marks the end of the day.

Throughout, Magda is wearing our High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Lunar. At top, she is wearing her own shirt. At center, she is wearing our Ultimate Leather Motorcycle Jacket, an Easygoing Muscle Tee, Fest Aviator Sunglasses and The Transport Tote. At bottom, she is wearing her own shirt and shoes.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.