Our Spring Shoot in Buenos Aires, by the numbers


One Neil Young record, three boxes of dulce de leche cookies, 20 pairs of jeans…
A look at the numbers that went into our three-day shoot in Buenos Aires.

Like any glamorous metropolis worth its passport stamp, Buenos Aires has a little bit of everything. From traditional tango street performances to modern art galleries (and  80-degrees-in-November weather), there are many reasons why we loved shooting our spring catalog there. We broke down our trip quantitatively to reveal a bit of what went on behind the scenes.


8pm: the time brunch service ends at Olsen, the loved-by-locals minimalist restaurant famous for its mimosas and 30-foot ceilings.


83 degrees: the average temperature during our shoot, aka a-welcome-break-from-our-parkas weather. Also, ideal conditions for the stalls of lilies and habranthus flowers, both native to the country.


Zero pesos: the cost of admission to the beautiful La Recoleta Cemetery, constructed to feel like a small village. (A map of its winding grounds will run you three very-worth-it pesos.)


Three boxes: the amount of alfajores—Argentina’s layered dulce de leche cookie—we brought back on the plane. (Guess how many we brought off the plane when we landed?)


Three floors: the average height of buildings in the Palermo Soho neighborhood, the heartbeat of Buenos Aires’s hip, artsy scene, known for its converted row houses—and our favorite restaurants.


10 songs: the number of tracks on Neil Young’s Harvest, the laid-back folksy album we played during our fittings with Constance, where she tried on the 20 pairs of jeans we brought with us.


7,392 tags: the number of Instagrams tagged to this iconic Argentinian café and tango club—at the time of this writing, that is…

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