Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Because the world’s not slowing down any time soon, keep up with five links we loved this week.

Reading: The Offing, a quirky online literary journal, launched last week (and it’s way more fun than its older sibling, the Los Angeles Review of Books), via The Offing.

Happiness: Journaling one sentence a day will really make you happier, via New York Magazine.

Taste: This fall, you’ll be able to taste and smell the art at Tate Britain, via Quartz.

Wellness: A writer shares her experience taking a meditative sound bath at the Integratron, a sound chamber run by three sisters in the Mojave Desert, via Into The Gloss.

Punctuation: How the punctuation in your text messages affects the way people perceive you (be careful with overusing “…”), via the New York Times.

Word: gagan-chumbi (adj.; Hindi): incredibly tall; literally “sky kissing”

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 Photo courtesy of @jmpgraphy.