Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


In the event of those April showers, here are five links to keep you entertained indoors.

Virtues: 10 really simple traits all good modern people should have, according to Swiss philosopher Alain de Botton, via The School of Life.

Beauty: Why a writer’s year without makeup—per her doctor’s orders—gave her a new sense of confidence, via Man Repeller. 

Art: Two photographers joked that they should recreate the world’s most iconic pictures—footprints on the moon, the Wright Brothers’ flight—in their studio. Then they did it, via Colossal.

Podcasts: Bimonthly episodes investigate the beginnings of phrases and words and why we say them, via Slate.

Dessert: How to make an Instagram-pretty ice cream sandwich. All you need: $10, 30 minutes and an appreciation for delicious things, via Food and Wine.

Word: meghadūta (n.; Sanskrit): a heavy cloud before a storm; the “servant of the rain.”

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Photography by Angi Welsch.