Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


A fresh start to the weekend: seven links we loved this week.

Music: British artist Tracey Emin—known for her emotive neon signs—shares the songs that have shaped her life, via The Guardian.

Maps: GPS is more efficient, but hand-painted, old-fashioned maps will always be prettier, via Maps Design. 

Poems: In honor of National Poetry Month, have Bill Murray read you a poem. And while you’re at it, Patti Smith and Anthony Hopkins are doing it too, via Flavorwire.

Crafts: April showers bring great indoor crafting days. Printable coloring book pages, anyone? via Pinterest.

Interiors: A furniture designer is growing a field of chairs using furniture-shaped frames, via Quartz.

Travel: A hotel group designed rooms so beautifully, you may forget they’re only 160 square feet, via Fast Company.

IRL: Our college student and teacher discount is even better this weekend: 20% off in stores. Find the nearest store here. 

Word: ichi-go ichi-e (n.; Japanese): an experience with someone that could never be exactly replicated; “one time, one meeting.”

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Photography by Angi Welsch.