Noticed: Tailored Blazers with Relaxed Shorts


We’re always experimenting with ways to take denim to new heights. And thanks to a few stylish women seen on the street, we’ve picked up a fresh idea that brings our beloved denim shorts into more refined territory.

The right blazer can make even the most casual denim look downright distinguished (minus any suited-up stuffiness). We like the look of a drapey jacket with sleeves that can be rolled—these little tweaks often make all the difference. A slim fit through the shoulders and arms lends the whole look a feminine and effortless vibe, as if to say, “Looking pulled together is easy.” And, with a great blazer, it actually is.

Kayten is wearing a Madewell Lycée Drapey Blazer with a Courier Shirt, Denim Boyshorts, Biltmore® & Madewell Panama Hat and The Veronique Sandal.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.