#totewell: Tales of a Transport Tote



If there were a Best Supporting Actress award for wardrobe, the Transport Tote would win year after year.

Talk about breadth of character. It’s as versatile as it is ruggedly elegant, whether it’s resting contentedly in the basket of your bicycle or carrying a freshly plucked bouquet. Without a clasp or label—save the owner’s monogram—its biggest identifying mark is the very absence of one.

Our hashtag #totewell has helped us keep an eye on where your Transport Totes have been and the range of spots it’s popped up in around the world. Below is a little mental escape—a photo album dedicated to the ultimate travel companion and all the beautiful places you’ve taken it. @cocotrann

@cocotrann in San Francisco


@pablo.a at Huntington Beach Pier in Southern California


@melissasuehaske (from our Soho store) at Wave Hill in the Bronx


@jeannettehlee at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago


@sawyerbaird at Oak Street Beach in Chicago


@ladyflashback in Buckhead, Atlanta

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