Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: a two-ingredient popsicle recipe, what your email sign-off says about you, why an art director has worn the same thing every day for three years and more.

Dressing: One art director created her own work uniform—which she’s worn every day for the past three years—and her work got better because of it. Here’s why, via AdAge.

Correspondence: What your email sign-off says about you and your current mood, via The Hairpin.

Popsicles: Cold coffee + cream = the easiest and possibly most sophisticated spring popsicle recipe ever, via The View from Great Island.

Chitchat: We’ve started saying, “no, totally,” when we really mean “yes.” Why? via The New Yorker.

Work: The unique type of friendship only coworkers share, via The Billfold.

Tourism: What if city tours were organized by decade? Here’s how to visit New York like a ’90s baby, via Hopes & Fears.

Word: tartle (v.; Scottish slang): hesitating to introduce someone because you’ve forgotten their name.

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Photo courtesy of Melissa Haske from our Soho store.