Denim Plus…with Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice


We always ask our friends, “What do you pair with your denim?” For the Los Angeles–based founder of Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal Bacon, it’s white jeans with anything and everything. Which is funny, because her job involves whipping up juices and treats of all colors, which quite literally gets her hands dirty. We spent an afternoon at her Venice Beach location to see how white jeans actually help her get in the right frame of mind for a day in the kitchen. The history of that equation, as told by Amanda…


My love of wearing white at first had nothing to do with clothing. It feels so good to shower and then hop into a bed with all-white sheets, and I wondered if I could somehow bring that feeling into other parts of my life. It turned out, I could. I started wearing white jeans all the time, sometimes with white shirts. When I moved from New York to LA, it became a sort of stress management. Even my yoga teacher recommends wearing white as part of my yoga practice.

If you want to be practical about it, there are many reasons I shouldn’t wear white: I have a three-year-old son who I’m always chasing after, and I practically live in kitchens—my life is centered around making and drinking green juices. I also grew up in New York, where white clothing just makes people nervous. But all of those reasons not to wear white jeans actually make me love wearing them even more. White jeans counterbalance the chaos. They’re an instant and easy way to feel light and refreshed.


My love of wearing white might seem at odds with working in a kitchen, but that’s partly where it started. I first learned to cook at a very fancy, award-winning French restaurant, and the kitchen was organized in the brigade tradition, which is all about presentation and perfectionism. It was developed to make kitchens efficient in an age of unregulated dining. Everyone wore white—if the kitchen looked immaculate, no one would worry about the freshness of the food. Now we have rules for restaurant sanitation, but the tradition of kitchen whites has stuck. The color seems clean, but it also opens up creativity and just makes you feel happier.


This isn’t to say that wearing white is easy. I don’t use bleach anymore, but stains have stopped freaking me out. Now, I think they’re proof that I’m actually in the kitchen with my hands on the food or that I got to spend some time in the backyard with my son. I think a lot about the type of woman I admire. A little older, graceful, with a beautiful family and that quiet confidence that suggests she still has some fire in her. And you know what she’s wearing? White jeans.


Amanda is wearing our Jean Jacket in Ellery Wash and Flea Market Flares in Pure White.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.