Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: FOGO vs FOMO, the perfect guacamole recipe, a charming letter-writing tradition and more.

Instagram: A feed showcasing the designs of to-go coffee cups, from Auckland to Lima, via @coffeecupsoftheworld.

Staying in: FOGO—fear of going out—is the new FOMO, according to this writer who’d rather unplug than Instagram from a big party, via The Cut.

Street art: Glittering rock formations are popping up in cracks and crevices around LA and beyond, via Colossal.

Mail: Letters left in this makeshift island postbox are hand delivered by travelers who find it, a tradition that began with forlorn seamen. A lengthy but lovely read, via the BBC.

Food: Holy guacamole, this recipe is good. And just in time for Cinco de Mayo, via The Kitchn. 

Word: chai b’seret (adj.; Hebrew): being romantically unrealistic; literally, “living in a movie.”

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Photography by Angi Welsch.