Introducing M-82 for Madewell by George McCracken


A small batch of reworked military garments you really (really) can’t miss.


For George McCracken, finding the material to make a collection is no easy feat. The menswear designer is known for using vintage military garments—the real thing, no reproductions—that he sources and then reassembles to create something completely fresh and new. After falling for a World War II–era coat that McCracken had reworked, our head designer Somsack asked McCracken to try his hand at a women’s collection for us. We have to say, the results are awesome (and since each piece was made in limited quantities, we expect jealousy to ensue over those who get their hands on one).

We caught up with the Brooklyn-based designer to find out the backstory of M-82 for Madewell and what he learned while making his first women’s line.


Converting vintage military men’s clothing into women’s pieces is, needless to say, not the most straightforward endeavor, but McCracken had some help. His wife served as his fit model and advisor, providing valuable feedback on where a jacket or waistband should hit. “For women, there are about 10 inches where you can’t have a coat end and there are interesting things I learned about pockets, like where they can and can’t be.” Take the jumpsuits, for example. The higher waist hits that extra-flattering spot and feels, in McCracken’s words, “a bit like Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from Alien and a little like ’70s Yves Saint Laurent.”


As for the jackets, “They’re all Vietnam-era Jungle jackets, which are very rare. It’s been over 40 years now, so there aren’t many left.” Same can be said for these limited-edition pieces, of course, so if you want to get your hands on them, better make a move.

Shop all M-82 for Madewell by George McCracken here.