Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week, Mother’s Day edition: a simple breakfast in bed recipe, the history of the shopping cart, headlines from the day you were born and more.

Cooking: Lucky enough to be with your mom this weekend? We recommend this very easy (and pretty) breakfast in bed recipe, via Food52.

History: Look up the news, the most popular songs and the average grocery prices for the day you were born (and jog your mom’s memory), via dMarie.

Inventions: The history of the humble shopping cart—whether or not your mom pushed you around the grocery store in one, this is still really interesting, via Sociological Images.

Cartoons: 13 cartoons with a darkly humorous approach to Mother’s Day, via The New Yorker.

Language: Why “mama” is pronounced pretty much the same way in every language, via The Week.

Food: A food critic and his 87-year-old mother cook their way through her most-loved recipes, which are also his favorite family heirloom, via Washington Post.

Word: mizpah (n.; Hebrew): the warm connection between loved ones, even if they’re far apart.

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Photography by @foxmeetsbear.