Noticed: A Summery Way to Wear a Jean Jacket


Most denim lovers have a jean jacket they’ve had on heavy wardrobe rotation for years, so styling such a familiar item can seem, well, obvious. But we’ve noticed a little tweak that gives this mainstay just a bit of, ahem, staying power for the warmer months.

It’s a relaxed trick: a fold rather than a roll of the jacket sleeves. We think of it as the clothing equivalent of a beautifully unmade bed. It’s a little rugged and sort of sexy in its relaxed vibe.

A more formfitting jacket seems to work best—the slimmer the sleeves, the more staying power that exaggerated fold will have. Grab the cuff with your opposite hand, and pull—don’t push—it up, until it’s nearly touching your shoulder. Resist the urge to roll or tuck it. The beauty is in the unfinished edge.

Emma is wearing our Oversized Jean Jacket and Open-Back Shirtdress in Grid Print.

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