Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: a burrito made by a robot, why friendship is tough, famous creatives’ bedtimes and more.

Productivity: This colorful guide to the routines of famous creatives (and their odd bedtimes) may surprise—or inspire—you, via Podio.

Robots: IBM’s artificial intelligence robot, Watson, made a scientifically ideal burrito. This writer hated it, via Fast Company.

Friendship: A writer admits something that can be tough to say: Staying close friends can be hard work, via The Cut.

Quotables: A gallery of heartfelt quotes from some of our favorite notables and celebrities, ranging from Amy Poehler to Nikola Tesla, Egon Schiele to Isabel Marant, via Nitch.

Sustainability: A Czech artist is turning discarded plastic bottles into cactus and fruit sculptures and “planting” them, via Design Milk. 

Word: vagary (n.; Latin): an unpredictable but pleasant journey; an unplanned trip.

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Photo courtesy of @saltyoat.