Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: Joan Didion’s packing list, vegetable ice cream, a procrastination-prevention mantra and more.

Pranks: Journalists in this secret society try to sneak a certain phrase into their articles, via Business Insider.

Productivity: One tiny trick for beating procrastination in any area of your life, via Byrdie.

Movies: Directors narrate their favorite scenes—here’s one from the new Brian Wilson biopic Love and Mercy, via New York Times.

Travel: Of course Joan Didion’s packing list from 1979 is impeccably stylish. Of course, via Lists of Note.

Art: Every Sunday, this illustrator shares a doodle incorporating an everyday object in an unexpected way, via The Guardian.

Food: Have you heard of Lucky Peach? It’s a quarterly magazine from the Momofuku food empire. Whet your appetite (sorry) with this essay on vegetable ice cream, via Lucky Peach.

Word: pålegg (n.; Norwegian): sandwich-making supplies; anything you’d put on a sandwich.

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Photography by Thomas Neal.