Noticed: A New Way to Do Summer Whites


If you feel the way we do, the thought of wearing anything more than a swimsuit right now seems like a bit much. Luckily, a solution that’s light and easy (and more office appropriate) has caught our eye: wearing white from head to toe. While it’s not quite a new idea, there’s one style tweak we’ve seen that freshens it up: mixing textures.

Here’s the thing about mixing same-colored pieces: Thanks to the one-hue approach, you’ll always look polished without spending too much time getting dressed. Once you’ve got your whites, it’s time to get handsy (this technique is all about how your clothes feel, after all). Grab pieces that are different to the touch: a linen tee with an eyelet-lace skirt, a silk camisole with high-rise jeans and a braided belt, or a supersoft button-down tucked into frayed denim shorts. We’d go on, but isn’t the appeal that we don’t actually have to? As long as it’s white and there’s some contrast in fabric texture, it will work. You might be wearing more than a swimsuit, sure, but we bet you’re going to be feeling cool (and looking it too).

Lee is wearing our Eyelet Swing-Back TopGraduate Cardigan, Linen Delancey Slouch Trousers and The Sightseer Slide Sandal.

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Photography by Thomas Neal.