Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: The Times discovers the cheeseburger, boardless and cardless games for your next car trip and more.

Food: A two-ingredient recipe so high on “wow” factor, your friends may forget they’re actually eating dessert, via Oleander and Palm.

Art: Balancing on a floating paddleboard, an artist is painting street murals depicting women emerging from the water at abandoned structures, via CNN.

Instagram: NYC subway riders review the books they’re caught reading for this charming and striking feed, via Subway Book Review.

Killing time: Seven cardless, boardless games just in time for “we’re stuck in traffic on our way to the beach” season, via Matador.

Journalism: Everything has to be considered new at some point, including the cheeseburger, in 1938, via the New York Times.

Word: hinna (v.; Swedish): to find the time.

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Photography by Thomas Neal.