Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: a celebration of the T-shirt, the cure to Serial withdrawal, the creation of Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs and more.

Instagram: A feed dedicated to stylish creatives and their tees (aka what we’re checking each morning before getting dressed), via The Perfect T.

Behind the Scenes: A fascinating and charming video on the evolution of Jurassic Park’s Oscar-winning dinosaur suits, via Stan Winston School.

Podcasts: 20-minute stories of true crime for those of us missing Serial, via Criminal.

Bronzed: A writer admits “everything is better with a spray tan,” via Into the Gloss.

Soundtracks: Read author Teju Cole’s short story about clubbing in Lagos while streaming his accompanying playlist, via The Paris Review. 

Bugs: Norway is building the world’s first “highway for beesto help them pollinate the world’s farms, via the Smithsonian.

Eavesdropping: Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman chat candidly on a New York City playground…in suits, via the New York Times.

Word: aftselakhis (n., Yiddish): the desire to do something because you were told not to.

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Photography by Thomas Neal.