Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: emoji URLs, writing down our goals, the most common snap judgments and more.

Goals: The incredibly positive effect of writing out your aspirations. Like, on paper, via NPR.

Wait, wait!: Seven snap judgments we make within seconds of meeting someone, via Business Insider.

Translation: URLs are way more fun to say in emojis (ours is umbrella + box + cookie + trombone + wink + surfer + snail + ski), via XN LinkMoji.

Recovery: A quick video of research-backed tips for being productive after an all-nighter, via The Science of Us.

Voices: A charming video introduction to the man behind New York City’s subway announcements, via The New Yorker.

Word: shemomedjamo (n.; Georgian): accidentally eating the entire thing, even though you’re full.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.