Noticed: Dressing Up Long, Unhemmed Jeans with Heels


Don’t you love when the most interesting and unique style tweaks involve the least amount of effort?

We do. It’s not that we’re lazy—we’re perfectionists, and there’s a reason we offer free hemming in our stores—but up until now, “style tweak” has meant, well, doing something, so the thought of leaving our clothes untouched feels like a bit of a statement in itself.

Instead of fussing with our jean hems, we’re digging the nonchalance of intentionally unhemmed denim with a pair of heels. It’s a polished yet laid-back balance that looks just as good on a date as it does in the office. A wide-leg fit will give you more bunching and creases, but a straight-leg style is where this trick really shines. It’s subtle perfection, but as that old adage goes, “those who have something to brag about usually don’t.”

Lee is wearing our The Slim Boyjean and The Mira Heel.

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Photography by Thomas Neal.