Our Fall Catalog Shoot In Italy, By The Numbers


4 ways to spot authentic gelato, 75° weather, 8 different sweaters—we’re taking you behind the scenes of our fall catalog shoot, by the numbers.

Italy is the fifth most-visited country in the world, but our favorite things about it are what you can’t see on the surface, like the lesser-known restaurants and unspoken cultural mannerisms that become familiar the longer you’re there. It’s fitting, as our collection was designed with familiarity and comfort in mind to make you feel like you’re in your element no matter where you are. Here we break down our four-day trip (and the insider advice we picked up), by the numbers.


1860: the year pizza was supposedly invented in Naples. Food historians debate the exact date, but no one disagrees that cheese + bread = delicious. It’s totally normal to eat lighter pizza bianca (aka pizza with no sauce or alfredo instead of tomato sauce) in the mornings, and this vegetarian pie was breakfast on our second day.


75° and sunny: the forecast for all four days of our shoot—not bad at all.


8 sweaters: the different types of cozy tops model Constance Jablonski cycled through, from a pullover and a turtleneck to a cardigan and a vest.


2 hours: about the length of riposo, the extended Italian lunch break when many museums, shops and businesses are closed. The quiet streets made for some beautiful photos.


4 tips on how to spot true artisanal gelato.

  1. If it’s fruit flavored, the fruit should be in season.
  2. Proper storage is in covered containers. (All those uncovered tubs you see? Beautiful, but exposure to air decreases the flavor.)
  3. Ingredients shouldn’t be a secret (true artisans are proud of their recipes).
  4. Crazy-bright colors indicate some less-than-ideal ingredients, like preservatives—authentic strawberry gelato will be light pink, not neon.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.