Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: every parent-kid convo ever, carbonated fruit, on-demand handwritten notes and more.

Food: The most impressive party treat is also the easiest: Just get a cooler, fruit and a little dry ice (it’s like fizzy soda, in fruit form), via ChefSteps.

Correspondence: An app that makes an offline pleasure even easier: sending handwritten notes (and confetti!) on demand, via Design Milk.

LOL: Every conversation between a parent and child, in four scenarios (which child are you?), via Slate.

Music: A playlist that does for your ears what a fuzzy blanket, extra pillows and hot cocoa do for your R & R sessions, via Bustle.

Word: sobremesa (n.; Spanish): literally “over the table;” the time after a meal spent enjoying your company.

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