Noticed: “Turtleneck Hair” aka The Easiest Beauty Look Right Now


A beauty look so simple, we almost thought it was an accident…until we noticed it everywhere.

We’re calling it “turtleneck hair,” and it’s exactly as advertised: pulling on your favorite cozy sweater and leaving your hair tucked in. Easy and even a little sexy, it’s the opposite of a polished ‘do, which is precisely why we’re into it. It’s a one-size-fits-all way to tame bedhead, or simply suggest that you were too busy with the business of living to trouble yourself with the act of untucking.

It’s a minimalist’s dream, and it gives even your favorite familiar outfits just a hint of mystery. And while the trick is that there really isn’t one, we do have some advice: Make a loose, low ponytail before getting dressed and just slip your sweater right over it. Your hair will naturally come a bit more undone throughout the day, and when things feel a bit messy, well, that’s what a head-turning clutch or sparkly jewelry is for.

Taryn is wearing our Cashmere Convertible Turtleneck.

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Photography by Jennifer Trahan.