Sézane Designer Morgane Sézalory Gives Sweatshirts as Presents and Has a Holiday Party Uniform (Plus, More Holiday Advice)


We’ve teamed up with French cult-followed brand Sézane to bring you a capsule collection of 10 gift picks, chosen by head designer Morgane (these are the hard-to-find-anywhere-else kind for the Francophile in your life). We texted her to ask for a little advice on holiday gifting, style and general sanity this time of year. What happened? Read on…

Hi, Morgane! Have a minute or two?
Ha, bien sûr.

What’s your go-to gift that will work for nearly anyone?
Something soft and cozy that you can wear right away with anything. Sweatshirts, for instance, make great gifts!

Anything else?
Accessories are our best friends. A nice clutch or piece of jewelry works and simplicity is always best!


What if you want to make a gift extra special?
Add something nice to eat. Everyone loves great chocolate. It’s a French tradition.

Any other holiday traditions that are decidedly French?
Gift wrapping is so important! It’s as important as the gift itself, but you don’t have to use wrapping paper. Old book paper with flowers or decorations can be beautiful.

What do you stock up on during the holidays?
Thank-you cards, whether they’re for someone who gave me a gift or hosted a party.


Speaking of parties, do you have a go-to look at this time of year?
A silk blouse, jeans, heels and just a little bit of makeup.

Head-to-toe black or playful print?
I love a printed dress because you can wear it from morning to evening without having to change—during the day with a sweater and boots and at night with heels and one great accessory.

If you’re having the party yourself, what music do you play?
Belle and Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit. Try it.

What is one piece of travel advice you’d give anyone?
Bring a big, warm scarf because it’s always so cold on planes or in train stations.


What is your favorite way to unwind?
Finding time to laugh with my baby daughter and husband. But a relaxing massage is a very good second option.

Speaking of finding time, that’s everything! Merci, Morgane.
Any time. 🙂

Morgane handpicked 10 gifts from her line—including our flew-off-the-shelves-last-time La Superbe sweatshirt, which we created together—and you can shop them all here.

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Photography by Angi Welsch and courtesy of Sézane.