Madewell’s 10 Best: Ways to Simplify Your Beauty Routine


No topic gets people talking like beauty tips (maybe because there’s an instant camaraderie in sharing them), but your beauty routine is also one of the most personal parts of your day-to-day life. That’s why we pulled together our favorite everyday, everyone pieces of advice. You know, those little upgrades that make the most basic things—like showering, sleeping and hydrating—just a bit better. (A brand that shares our “less is more” sentiment? Glossier. Its cult-favorite Balm Dotcom really nails #8 on our list below, which is why we’re giving it away this weekend when you spend $125+ in stores.) Read on…

1. Use a washcloth to wash your face. One made of basic cotton terry is all you need for daily use (it’ll exfoliate and won’t take up precious counter space).

2. Wash your face with warm water before adding cleanser. A few splashes will soften and prep your skin while opening your pores. This applies to moisturizer too—warm it up between your palms so it sinks in quicker.

3. Master a new running-late hairstyle. Our favorites are as easy as the messy bun but way more polished: the low loop ponytail (like this) or a long braid pinned up into a bun.

4. Comb your hair in the shower. Do it while the conditioner’s sinking in for even moisturizing and to make post-shower brushing way easier. (Make sure it’s a wide-tooth comb to avoid damaging soft, wet hair.)

5. Spray perfume in your hair. Especially under a cozy beanie. The heat will reactivate the scent as the day goes on.

6. Figure out your “thing.” Your go-to trick, the one thing you’ll do in a rush—whether it’s filling in your brows, putting on mascara or using a balm that does double-duty. Instead of keeping a million products in your bag, make that one thing your standby.

7. Brighten your smile while you brush. Sprinkle straight baking soda onto your toothbrush twice a week to protect against coffee stains.

8. Use balm as highlighter. Dab a bit of clear balm (whatever you use for your lips will work) along cheekbones and brow bones for a dewy glow. Bonus: It can also be used as a brow tamer.

9. Drink a huge glass of water before getting out of bed in the morning. Leave it on your nightstand when you go to sleep and drink it first thing. It’s an easy way to get the first 8 ounces down.

10. Give your products expiration dates. When you buy something new, add a piece of tape to the bottle and write the purchase date, especially for products that sit on your skin like lotions or masks. This will remind you that you don’t need another moisturizer just because you can’t remember how long something’s been sitting there.

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Photography by Jennifer Trahan.