Noticed: Winterizing Overalls with a Slim Top


It’s all about a slim fit on top.

Though you’ll be covered head to toe, a slim top underneath your overalls’ bib guarantees you won’t look or feel bulky. In fact, it just reinforces the whole, well, sexy thing if your overalls are sleek and skinny, or adds a bit of appeal to a pair that’s more oversized and loose. While we love the ’70s vibe of a turtleneck (especially when worn under flared overalls), we also welcome the coziness of adding extra layers, like a flannel on top. One last suggestion: Try a few different styles with your overalls—crewneck, henley, solid, striped. After all, you have all winter to experiment.

Josephine is wearing our Skinny Overalls in Judd Wash with our Slim Turtleneck, Flannel Cargo Workshirt and Madewell & Biltmore® Felt Fedora.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.