6 Denim Rules to Dress By This Spring


Everything we love about denim is changing just a little bit this season. Everything is expanding: Rises are higher, legs are wider, there’s a cropped version of almost every fit. And what more perfect time than spring to turn over a new style leaf with these new shapes? Here, six rules (truths, mantras, call them what you want) to help you do exactly that.

1. The higher the rise, the better.
A high riser hits near the narrowest part of your body. We tweaked everything from the pocket placement to the size of the stitching to make sure ours slim you down and lift you up at the same time—aka no risk of veering into mom-jeans territory.

2. A slightly cropped hem can make a big difference.
Your shoes will get some extra attention, and the ankle-baring length lends a little freshness to even casual outfits. (Pro tip: Pick a fit you love and have it hemmed to just above your ankle.)

3. Wide-leg jeans can be your “dress pants.”
You’ll get the sophistication of a trouser with the comfort and familiarity of blue jeans. Bright blue washes keep it casual, while deep rich indigos polish things up.

4. Overalls are sexy.
There. We said it. Thanks to fits that are cut like skinny jeans—which is to say, fitted through the hips and often with higher rises—they’ll hug you like your favorite jeans. Wear them over a slim turtleneck now and a T-shirt when summer hits.

5. Flares are the longest your legs can look in jeans.
You want a pair that starts to widen just above the knee, not an exaggerated cartoonish bell-bottom. It’s a subtle, cool update to the throwback vibes we’re loving, but in darker rinses and bright blue washes they feel more 2016 than ever. Make sure the hem barely grazes the floor (sorry, shoes).

6. Straight legs are your new go-to jeans.
An authentic straight leg can be just as versatile (and sexy) as a skinny jean—with a slightly tapered leg, it’s the easiest way to try out a new fit.

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