To Stream: Artist Coco Gordon Moore’s Songs for When You Miss Someone


“My mother didn’t really influence my musical taste…but she had a huge influence over what I know about it,” says Coco (daughter of rock legend Kim Gordon)—and that makes us love her playlist all the more.

When Coco Gordon Moore moved from her hometown of New York City to Chicago for art school, one of the biggest adjustments she faced was being away from her friends and family, including her mother, Kim Gordon. That’s just one reason we couldn’t wait to bring Coco and Kim together in NYC to photograph them in our limited-edition collaboration with iconic designer Daryl Kerrigan, a longtime friend of Kim’s. (Kim was a big fan of Daryl’s original designs in the ’90s.) As the shoot wrapped up and the two headed to different cities (Coco to Chicago and Kim to Los Angeles), we asked Coco to share the music she plays when she misses her pals and mom. “It may sound corny,” she says, “but these songs help.”

  1. “Human Behaviour,” Björk
  2. “One Way or Another,” Blondie
  3. “I’m in Love with a Girl,” Big Star
  4. “For What It’s Worth,” Buffalo Springfield
  5. “Lonely Girls,” Lucinda Williams
  6. “Vacation,” The Go-Go’s
  7. “I’m Thinking…” Lou Barlow
  8. “So What,” Miles Davis
  9. “All Around and Away We Go,” Mr. Twin Sister
  10. “Pay the Rent,” The Rammellzee
  11. “Road,” Nick Drake
  12. “Stop Breathin’,” Pavement
  13. “Shame,” PJ Harvey
  14. “Needles and Pins,” Ramones
  15. “With Every Heartbeat,” Robyn
  16. “It’s Easier to Cry,” The Shangri-Las
  17. “Maps,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  18. “A Case of You,” Joni Mitchell
  19. “Red Red Red,” Fiona Apple
  20. “Say,” Cat Power

Stream the playlist here and shop our limited-edition Madewell x Daryl K® collection here.

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