Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


This week: denim hair dye, why we obsess over voices, cities’ most popular Instagrams and more.

Looking Back: A blog exclusively featuring mirrors listed on Craigslist and the unexpected reflections that show up in them—surprisingly hypnotic, via Craigslist Mirrors.

A Good Sign (Literally): A brilliant three-word sign outside a museum in Italy has a lot to say, via Adulting.

Aural Fixation: Science dug into why we love certain voices (specifically Morgan Freeman’s), via Time.

Our Selves, Our Selfies: The most common Instagram tropes, organized by location (Paris has the most couples, Thailand features the most food, etc.), via CNN.

Denimheads (Also Literally): Would you dye your hair to match your favorite jeans? Because these women did, via Elite Daily.

How We Do It: A photographic deep-dive into exactly how our jeans are made, shot at our New York HQ and our LA denim factory (pretty cool stuff, if we do say so ourselves), via Surface Magazine.

Word: mise en abyme (n.; French): a picture in a picture (this collection of photos might explain it better).

Shop our new spring 2016 collection here (the photo above is from our shoot in Morocco) and see past roundups here.

Photography by Angi Welsch.